About Us

Welcome to  the Queen Charlotte Seniors’ website. Here you will find upcoming events, historical documents and stories, along with comments, conversations and contacts for the Seniors’ community in beautiful Queen Charlotte, the southernmost village on Graham Island in the archipelago of Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, Canada.

We are a very small group who are concerned about losing the “stories” of an earlier time on the Islands. We were successful in obtaining funding from New Horizons Canada and our local Northern Saving Credit Union … so off we have ventured into the unknown of gathering stories and publishing to the “net” as our purpose is to save and share our stories!

This is a huge learning curve for us … but slowly it is coming together, advisors have appeared to help us and slowly seniors are beginning to tell their stories.

One thing we want to make very clear is that these stories belong to the teller … it is their reality, how they remember it.

Please enjoy the stories as they are posted and do consider adding your own … contact us if you need help.

We are very proud of our In Memorium pages … as we want to have an accessible place to remember the people who have gone before us …. again please feel free to add.

Our plan was to start with Queen Charlotte [the Village, not the monarch nor ship] and when we knew what we were doing, share it with the other Seniors groups on Island … for now we just want to be a place to hold the stories before they are lost!

Another section we are developing is Then and Now … in this section we are posting photographs which were taken quite a while ago and then beside it the 21st century shot. We welcome everyone’s help here both with the older snapshots and newer as is now photos.

Queen Charlotte Seniors Charter.

1 Response to About Us

  1. Linda Olson says:

    Look forward to visiting your site page. Great idea! Best Wishes to All!!

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