a NewTeacherage

from Gwen Squires collection …. the early days of the School District 50’s Teacherages …

Housing was difficult for new teachers coming into the district … so the School Board supplied various housing units … around the islands and several in QCC.

In 1966 … this teacherage, the eastern half [they were two bedroom duplexes] rented for $75.00 per month with $40.00 per month returned at the end of the school year if everything was “OK”. These units were fully supplied … dishes, pots, pans.  This photo is probably from the 1950’s.

Misses Schmidt and Nicolls, two young teachers worried that when they took their roasting pan out to facilitate sliding down the snowy hill behind the house, that perhaps they had damaged it and they might have to forego their rent rebate.

The remaining $35.00 per month was split between the two teachers. On the western side were newly weds, Bob and Beth Megale [the school’s vice principal and hospital nurse].

Above photo taken in October 2011 … it hasn’t changed much in the last 50+ years! Although when first built it was on the waterfront now there is the main road, Oceanview Dr. across the front of the property.

Would love to hear some stories from those who lived there.



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