Studio 722 Oceanview …

Now located at 722 Oceanview the Studio is an old Camp Cookhouse … this building was originally barged into Charlotte from [will try to find out]. It was the cookhouse, complete with a walkin freezer room* and bins built into counters for drygoods etc. There were evn large cooking pots on the counrters. The flooring was 2×4 fir which was heavily scarred by caulk boot hobnails. The siding was apparently a special cut done only in Victoria by one mill [this was recognized by a visiting historian].

In Charlotte this building was moved onto the lot at the corner of now Oceanview and 6th Avenue where it rested for around 30 years as a home, rental house and shop … until the “Tire Shop” owners decided to demonlish it … coincidentally I had been thinking of asking them if I could move it [I had lived in this house for a few years] … so as soon as I saw work starting and I moved. Yes they were happy if I could get it out of there. I contacted Todd Scaife, got a price, He figured he could do it … neither of us realized that it was setting over a gap … two things happened … it was harder for him to move, more work to lift up to fit under the lowbed and it was going to its new location and would be even higher off the ground [much less visually appealing]. Soon the day came for the move, always a bit of an event,  with someone on the roof to hold up the wires along the highway it slowly rolled down Third Ave. now called Oceanview … definitly not  a modern  WCB sanctioned operation … but all went very successfully even the difficult rotation at 8th Ave. Sighs of relif all round … I do remember that the fellow on the roof was forgetten for a bit and had to be helped down by the hiab.

Eventually work began on the building, permanent blocking with cement slabs leveled everything out and then there was the issue of the roof line … the building was about 3 feet off the ground and had only a roof overhang a foot! So on a napkin Mark Baggaley roughed out a design which I wanted to be Asian-Pacific fusion … and now the roof line is pretty special! Over the years slowly it has been transformed into a studio space with developing landscaping. It looks like it will have many lives left.

photos to come

Fran Fowler

Photos to come …

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