Ted Squires

Zdzislaw Ted Squires 1928 – 2010

Ted became a resident of Queen Charlotte in June 1956 when he was hired as engineer, on the Department of Fisheries patrol boat Sooke Post. He held that job for 35 years. He had qualified as a mechanic in the Polish navy.

In May 1959 he married a nurse, Gwen, and they had two sons, Ted Jr. and John. The marriage lasted fifty years. [Gwen’s has contributed many of her photos circa 1950s to this website]

Ted enjoyed outdoor activities, especially hunting and fishing. After retirement, he created a picnic and camping site near the beach at Tlell that he called Mariners Point. It included a life ring on which was printed “Remember All Who Died at Sea”. A infamous Christmas eve storm surge destroyed the site eventually!

He is also credited with developing much of the original trail system of the Anvil Trail. [see the Observer July 11, 2002]

After obtaining his Canadian citizenship in 1961, Ted officially changed his surname from Skwarczewski to Squires.

photo by Mavis Mark

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